About Us
The Staff Assembly at UCSF is an association of roughly 8,500 staff employees not represented by an exclusive bargaining agent. If you are a UCSF staff employee who is not union-represented or subject to any other provisions of the collective bargaining laws, you are considered to be a member of the UCSF Staff Assembly.

The Staff Assembly seeks to enhance communication among its membership and to advise the chancellor and campus administrators on matters of mutual concern. To this end, the Staff Assembly at UCSF has several objectives:

  • We communicate information of relevance to the membership through our newsletter and the Staff Council at UCSF website.
  • We meet twice per year with campus leadership to exchange views on issues.
  • We periodically survey our members to learn of staff concerns, problems, and topics of general interest and report back results of those surveys to our membership and campus leaders, as appropriate.
  • We maintain relationships with staff employee advisory groups on the other UC campuses through participation in the Council of University of California Staff Assemblies.
  • We sponsor town halls and other campus events meant to illuminate issues of general interest to the membership and support other UCSF groups having similar goals and events.
  • We investigate and recommend solutions to problems affecting the membership, subject to the authority governing the UCSF Staff Council’s status as advisory to the chancellor.
  • We attempt to have a representative cross-section of leadership from the various schools and support services across all campus sites that reflects UCSF’s diversity.