General Meetings
Next Meeting: July 20 2022
Staff Assembly General Meetings are open to all our members. They are held monthly via Zoom on the third Wednesday of the month at noon to 1pm. Please subscribe to our newsletter for meeting details.
UC Career
My UC Career is an online development portal for all UC employees seeking to advance their career.
Scholarship Program
The Staff Assembly Scholarship Program provides funding to support professional development needs.

The Staff Assembly at UCSF is an association of roughly 8,500 staff employees not represented by an exclusive bargaining agent. If you are a UCSF staff employee who is not union-represented or subject to any other provisions of the collective bargaining laws, you are considered to be a member of the UCSF Staff Assembly.

The Staff Assembly was established by the chancellor, under authority granted by the Regents, to serve an advisory function on matters of staff concern. Our mission is both to enhance communication among our members and to advise the chancellor and campus administrators, with whom we have regular meetings. We also facilitate communication with our staff counterparts on other UC campuses through participation in the Council of University of California Staff Assemblies (CUCSA).

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