Staff Learning and Development

From our colleagues at UCSF Learning & Organization Development:

The Professional Staff Development series has openings in their July - August and August - September sessions.

"Take charge of your own development and the future of your career. This 5 part series introduces you to 10 competencies that are essential to succeed in any job. You will have the opportunity to learn alongside your peers and share best practices as you progress through each course. Each course is 4 hours long and they take place once a week for 5 weeks. Through in-class activities, discussions, assessments, and on-the job assignments you will acquire the knowledge and develop the skills to identify your strengths as well as opportunities for
improvement in order to grow professionally."

To register, please visit the UC Learning Center.

In addition, as the Chancellor announced in a State of the University address, there are now hundreds of Skillsoft courses open to staff members for free via the UC Learning Center. Please visit the catalog page to choose from topics in the Professional, Leadership, Business, Wellness, System Applications, and Continuing Education / Certifications options.