Get Involved

How can I receive Staff Assembly communications and announcements?

Sign up for the Staff Assembly opt-in email list by emailing Erin Simon.

Who can opt-in?

UCSF Staff Assembly is a voluntary staff organization that is open to all non-student staff employees.

How much does it cost?

Membership is free of charge!

Why opt-in?

It is through your support that Staff Assembly is able to continue to provide all UCSF staff with important information, opportunities, events, and staff camaraderie in the areas of administration, scholarships, professional development, and community involvement. By participating in Staff Assembly, we represent ourselves and others, ensuring that staff have influence on the policies and practices that govern our campus community. Let Staff Assembly be your ear and voice!

I subscribed to the listserv, now what?

  • Get involved! Attend a monthly Staff Assembly meeting. If opted-in, you will receive email reminders of our events.
  • Share your experience and the importance of the UCSF Staff Assembly with other staff members in your area.