The purpose of the Staff Awards program is to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding achievements and meritorious service of staff. Two staff members are honored each year and presented with the award at the annual Founders Day Luncheon during Staff Appreciation Week. Each recipient receives a certificate. A perpetual plaque with the names of the award recipients is prominently displayed on campus.

The Staff Awards will be awarded to one individual nominated in each of the two categories. Individuals may be nominated to more than one category of award, but no one person may win more than one award in the same year.

Exceptional University Service

This award recognizes and rewards exceptional University service by non-academic staff members who devote time and energy to support and serve the campus community and mission. As the University's success is founded upon the contributions of the people who work at UCSF, service that goes above and beyond the scope of an individual’s job and demonstrates outstanding University citizenship is a critical achievement to be recognized.

Exceptional University Management

This award recognizes and rewards outstanding University management by those who have the responsibility to supervise, guide, and lead others. The University's success is founded upon the contributions of the people who work at UCSF. Effective management of this invaluable resource—our people—that goes above and beyond the scope of an individual’s job and demonstrates outstanding “Great Manager” qualities is a critical skill and achievement to be recognized.

Great People Award—School of Medicine

The Great People Award recognizes employees whose daily contributions highlight the great diversity of work within the School of Medicine and honors employees whose commitment and values make their jobs a positive experience and the School of Medicine a great place to work. Recipients of the awards represent the wide array of duties and functions performed by School of Medicine workers and are employees whose performance can be characterized by one or more of the following attributes:

  • Contributes to activities, programs or events resulting in tangible added value.
  • Serves as a role model for teamwork and customer service.
  • Makes the School or Department a better place to work by demonstrating a positive, helpful attitude, and by communicating and working cooperatively with others.
  • Shows solid and consistent devotion to the job and work group.
  • Inspires others to excel.

Four employees are honored each quarter from among the many highly valued nominees. Recipients of the Great People Award receive special recognition from the Dean and are rewarded with their choice from a wide variety of Bear Hugs gift cards. They are also honored by their school and departments for the quality and value of their contributions to their workplace communities.

Holly Smith Awards for Exceptional Service—School of Medicine

The Lloyd Holly Smith Award for Exceptional Service to the School of Medicine was established in 2000 to recognize exceptional career service that has resulted in broad and long-lasting benefit to the School of Medicine. The award is named for Lloyd H. (Holly) Smith, Jr., whose 35-year career as chair of medicine and associate dean exemplified such an outstanding career effort.

Nominations are sought for up to four awards in the following categories: faculty with more than 10 years of service, faculty with 5 to 10 years of service, and up to two staff awards. The winners are deemed to exhibit those qualities best exemplified by Holly Smith: dedication to the School of Medicine, diversity in roles played, commitment to sustaining UCSF's position as a world-class institution, and accomplishing all of the above with humor and grace.

For more detailed information about the awards, see the Policy and Procedure.